patient testimonials



"I was sleeping pain-free after ONE treatment!! I've been struggling with terrible neck pain - made worse from the repetitive motions I go through caring for my baby (carrying him, burping, feeding, etc).


After being frustrated by the never-ending cycle of chiropractic care, I reached out to Harold at Advance Movement for physical therapy. He truly wanted my pain to be gone and worked hard to relieve the tension. He helped me realize fixing my neck was not the only issue... the real problem is in my back.


I'm so thankful to be getting treatment for the root of the problem, not just a temporary "band-aid" fix.


I will forever be grateful to him for taking away my nagging pain... what a difference! Please go see Harold; you will feel so much better!"



"I live an active lifestyle, I do mud runs, play flag football, paintball, softball and anything else that involves sweating. Over the years I've gotten some injuries that require surgery. After everything heals, I need Physical Therapy to get those broken bones back in shape. I was recommend to Advance Movement Physical Therapy by word of mouth and can't imagine going anywhere else. 

Their office is clean, it is located in a very nice building and close to the Freeway. The staff is awesome, everyone is very knowledgeable and make you feel like you are their #1 priority. Some of the things they recommend I do in their facility, they demonstrate how I can do the same things at home or in the office to relieve the pain I might be feeling. They also give explanations as to why we do certain PT movements to heal my problems areas. These guys are legit!

After 4-6 weeks at  2-3 times a week of Physical Therapy I'm back to all of my activities with the confidence that my body is ready. I definitely recommend Advance Movement Physical Therapy."



"I am a professional soccer player who has experienced the wear and tear(s) of pushing my body to the limit every day.  Whether it's athletic trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths, or physical therapists, I have seen multiples of them all.  When it comes to healing sports injuries, Jason is quite simply among the very best I have ever met. 

My visits to Advance Movement were for muscle and joint problems. In only my first visit, the focal point of my injury was finally diagnosed properly (after numerous attempts from other practitioners--it turned out to be a deep soleus spasm/strain, not a general calf injury as I had been previously diagnosed) and also had source issues that were the "probable causes" of my injury identified.  Not only that, but the soft tissue work that Jason performed to promote the healing and recovery of my issues was unlike any other that I have had done, needless to say it was successful.  

Let me warn you, the guys there are hands on practitioners.  They won't hand you a workout card and let you go at it alone, nor will they strap on ice and an e-stim machine and let you lie on a bed for half an hour. There is definitely an element of no pain, no gain here. Jason seriously reinforced my understanding that healing an injury is almost never painless, but the temporal pain of getting the soft tissues to their necessary state is far less than letting scar tissue and old injuries pile up over time and create more and more problems in the future. 

This is one of those places that I'm hesitant to give a review on because I know that if the word starts to really spread, it's going to be too hard to get an appointment for myself.  However, Jason and Harold are such good and competent guys that I just can't justify being that selfish!"



"Phenomenal body work. I'm a professional triathlete and Advance Movement does some of the best physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, and deep tissue muscle work in the OC area. I crawl in and run out!! Harold frees my body to train and race so much more efficiently!!  
I walk away feeling like a new person and my body is ready to train hard again.
Highly recommended for anyone needing body work!"


"I've had my share of injuries throughout life. Shoulders, hips, neck, hamstrings...  And I've done my share of massage, PT, and everything in between. So I feel pretty confident saying I have experienced the good and the bad.

These guys are THE BEST.  Harold has been able to pinpoint nagging injuries and clear them up faster than anyone I've had work on me previously. 

It can be intense, but you will feel improvements when you walk out the door. 

I'd recommend these guys 100%, without reservation to anyone trying to get over a nagging injury, work on sore muscles and more."



"Advance Movement has been the best part of my recovery from a second knee replacement.  Knowing Harold for two years, I put my trust in his expertise in both deep tissue work and exercise regiment.  He takes the time to get to know his clients and cares that not just the immediate issues are addressed, but follows through on minor concerns that may seem secondary to you, but are important to address in order for the whole body to heal.

Both Harold and Jason make their clients feel comfortable and take time to work through each session, not passing clients to assistants to do the follow through. They both continue to be learners in their craft by taking workshops or researching practices to make sure each client's physical therapy plan is specific to their personal healing.

I've had several different physical therapy experiences, and until Harold was recommended, I thought I was okay at the others-- how wrong could I be.  Advance Movement is a great place for the healing process to begin.  Harold and Jason have certainly made a difference in my physical mobility and I am forever grateful."



"Advance Movement is my 'go-to' for any and all injuries. I had sharp knee pain from running and neither my doctor or his physical therapy team could figure it out or relieve the pain after a year of visits.


Then, I was referred to Harold at Advance Movement and within one consultation, he knew right away that the pain stemmed from IT band issues and how to treat the injury. Harold not only targeted the proper areas during our sessions, but gave me tactical stretches and exercises I could do at home to help speed up my recovery. He also worked with me on my schedule and financial situation to make sure I was able to receive their top-notch care.


When I first started going to Harold, I could only run three minutes without pain. Within months, I was back to running Half-Marathons!! Harold and Jason were fun to be around and even celebrated the small victories with me when I was slowly increasing my time and, eventually, mileage. I feel blessed to have received their care, encouragement, wisdom, patience, and friendship; I know I wouldn't be running pain free today without Advance Movement."



"My first appointment with Jason at AMPT was about one and a half years ago. Extensive training and a lot of running had caused pain and discomfort in my right knee. After only TWO treatments, the pain had vanished! 


I learned it wasn't my knee that was causing the pain, it was my tight calves and hips. After those two appointments, I kept seeing Jason once a week for maintenance. If something started hurting, he fixed it right away. Even though I work out 7-9 times a week, I haven't had one single injury in one and a half years! 


Jason has taught me so much about my body and what I can do to prevent injuries. From scheduling that first appointment, I did not only get rid of the pain in my knee, I have also learned so much about my body. Most of all, I've gained a true friend and mentor!


I would reccomend this place to everyone I know! This place is amazing in so many ways. Both Jason and Harold are so professional, skilled, and friendly. They have really made such an impact on my life, given me the tools to become my best self!"